What To Do About Adult Acne

Despite what many people think, acne is not just an adolescent problem. While many people who had acne as a teenager no longer have to deal with it, some people have to fight acne problems long into their adult life. There are several reasons why teenagers make up a large portion of acne sufferers, but it’s adults who probably have the most difficult time dealing with it.Studies and sales of skin care products are showing that adult acne is an increasing problem. The causes aren’t certain, but it’s quite possible that the factors that cause acne in teens can continue through one’s life. In addition, the role of nutrition as a cause of acne are just being learned. So, if an adult is doing the same things, and eating the same foods, as they did as a teen, it makes sense that the problems resulting continue as well.Acne has two, distinct, long-term affects. The first is the actual physical results of acne outbreaks. This can include scarring, pock marking, or uneven skin tones. This problem is actually worse in adults than it is in teens, as teenage skin is more resilient, due to the increased amount of collagen in teenage skin cells. Teen skin can generally (though not always) overcome minor scarring and blemishing, adult skin struggles with it more.However, the social and psychological effects are even more difficult to heal. While teens express the effects as a loss of confidence, or a decrease in self-worth, they are at least comforted by knowing that many other teens, just like them, have the same problem. There is much less social stigma attached to a teenager having pimples. However, as an adult, there not only are the same obvious affects, there is also an underlying feeling that this is somehow the adult’s fault. That they should know better, or don’t have hormones to use as an excuse. Plus, relatively few of their friends are probably going through the same thing. It can be painful for an adult to have this problem.Public opinions and viewpoints are changing as people recognize that acne isn’t just a teenage problem. It is causing adults to see their problem as a real one, and seek medical help. Adults are going to dermatologists for treatment, or are buying over the counter products to help treat outbreaks. As awareness of the problem has increased, so has sales of these products.In many ways, we are still learning what causes acne. The increased number of adults now facing the problem gives many people pause, thinking maybe it’s more than just hormones, maybe it’s stress, or maybe it’s something in the water we wash with, or the food we eat. The important thing for adults with acne to realize is that they aren’t alone. Adults across the country are all facing the same problems, and fighting it in different ways.