The Common Causes of Adult Acne Revealed

No grown women expects to suffer from what is though of as a teen malady -Acne. But Adult Acne continues to rear it’s ugly head of women well into their thirties and beyond. Many adult acne victims feel as if they are the butt of some cruel cosmic joke, because they are developing wrinkles and acne at the same time. There is a widely held perception that Acne is a teenage malady and something that is easily and eventually outgrown. But this is a nothing more than a myth.Adult Acne is becoming increasingly common. Adult Acne occurs for the same reasons as teen acne. There are as many reasons and theories for the onset of adult acne as there are experts. Some of the most common factors blamed as the cause of adult acne are subtle hormonal changes, genetics, stress and an unhealthy diet. Other skincare experts feel that the hormones and antibiotics we unwittingly consume through the meat we eat is what is responsible for the dramatic increase in the number of adults with acne.What ever the cause of adult acne it differs from teen acne is some vital ways. Adult acne lesions are deeper and more likely to occur in the center of the face. Older skin is also less resilient and scars are formed more easily than in younger, more resilient teenage skin.Some skin care specialists say that inflammatory acne is caused by your body’s immune system overreacting to a normally harmless bacteria that is found in the hair follicles and pores.Adult Acne is also a whole lot more common in women. Hormones and the frequent hormonal changes are thought to be the main culprit in the onset of adult acne in women.Each time there is a major hormonal shift a women becomes susceptible to developing adult acne. And these hormonal shifts are occurring throughout a woman’s lifespan. The onset of menstruation, the start of the monthly period, pregnancy and menopause, stopping and starting the pill are all times when a woman is more at risk of developing acne or suffering from an acne flare-up.Many women have experienced an acne flare-up just before their periods. In fact even those women who normally have clear skin will have a pimple or two around the time they have their monthly cycle.Other women have linked the onset of their adult acne with beginning infertility treatment. You need to be especially careful when treating Adult Acne in pregnancy, because you don’t want to harm the unborn baby.Menopausal Acne is particularly difficult to deal with emotionally, because women fell that they are losing their youth and developing acne at the same time. Dealing with acne and wrinkles in one go is pretty rough. Menopausal acne is caused by the lack of estrogen.The good news about adult acne is that it responds well to conventional acne treatments and with proper management can disappear completely or at least be reduced significantly.