Adult Day Care: 5 Reasons It’s a Preferred Alternative to a Nursing Home

Adult day care centers are a preferred alternative to nursing home or institutional care, providing activities, opportunities for socialization, convenience, and independence all while providing expert health care dedicated to helping clients improve daily functioning or delay worsening of conditions. There are many reasons to consider adult day care, including the following benefits.1. Prolonged Independence and Improved Daily FunctioningMedical adult day care centers promote their clients’ ability to remain independent by supplementing the assistance they receive from family caregivers with a program of health care services and activities custom-tailored to each individual’s needs and interests.By taking part in these activities, clients receive cognitive and physical stimulation that helps to enhance well-being while delaying or preventing a decline in health that would ultimately lead to placement in an assisted living facility or nursing home. In addition, many offer on-site specialists to provide physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. These therapists work with clients to improve daily functioning by developing strength, range of motion, balance and cognitive abilities.2. Nutrition and Medication Management is a PriorityEnsuring that clients receive proper nutrition and medication each day in the absence of their family caregivers is an important factor in fulfilling the commitment of helping clients maintain the best possible quality of life and well-being.Caregivers can be assured that nutrition is a top priority. Adult day care centers provide appetizing, wholesome meals and snacks that are approved by a dietician. Meals served at centers typically include provisions for diabetics, vegetarians, sodium-restricted or low-cholesterol diets and other special dietary needs.Additionally, the staff can administer medications and injections as prescribed, monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment and relaying this information to the client’s physician, caregivers and case manager.3. A Cost-Effective Alternative to Nursing Homes or InstitutionsAdult day care centers offer the most cost-effective long-term care option. While costs differ based on care level and geographic region, nationwide averages show that the annual costs for medical adult day care services are significantly less than those for other long-term care options.In many cases, services may be paid in part or in full by Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, or private long-term care insurance, although coverage varies by state and policy. Additionally, out-of-pocket expenditures may qualify as a tax-deductible medical expense.4. The Convenience of Door-to-Door TransportationSome adult day care centers provide flexible, door-to-door transportation for their clients within a convenient radius of the center.In addition to transportation to and from centers, many also escort their clients to medical appointments when needed. This service is particularly helpful for caregivers who maintain full- or part-time employment outside the home, as it decreases disruption of and distraction from their work day.5. Effective Management of Chronic ConditionsWhen clients come to an adult day care center, they typically receive a customized care plan that incorporates cognitive and physical activities as appropriate in order to help them remain active and intellectually stimulated throughout the day while maintaining or improving their present level of independence and functioning.Adult day care centers typically staff skilled RNs, LPNs, personal care assistants, activities staff, and therapists who play an important role in helping their clients address the challenges of chronic conditions. The staff is able to help by assisting with daily personal care and hygiene, nutrition and medication management, blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring, tracheotomy care and tube feeding, and offering on-site physical, speech and occupational therapy. Additionally, many centers will work with families in the implementation of these health management and therapeutic techniques, so they can take an active role in the client’s care and treatment at home.Adult day care centers provide many benefits for both caregivers and their loved ones. The convenience, health assurance, socialization, and cost all contribute to the many reasons that adult day care is becoming a preferred choice for caregivers. The decision for what type if care is best for your loved one can be difficult. Before making the decision, consider if adult day care may be the right choice for these reasons, and many more.

Do You Suffer in the Work Force Because of Adult Acne

Adult acne is really quite common and affects about 25% of all male adults and 50% of all female adults. The spot occurs at some time in their adult lives. Those who suffer from adult acne also have acne, not just on their face, but also on the other parts of their body, such as the neck and the back. Acne can actually develop from adolescence to age 20’s to even 50s. In the past decades, this acne has become more common compared to the past. In fact, the International Journal of Cosmetic Science reported that recent studies on acne have shown that there is dramatic increase in the number of cases of acne in adults. At the same time, the Journal reported that adults over the age of forty now require treatment for their acne.Problems Caused by Adult AcneNow, adult acne, the same as teenage acne, can be a source of embarrassment and can cause anxiety and depression even for adults. More than that, it can be a serious problem to those who are in a profession where looking good at all times is part of the job. And although we may refuse to believe it, pimples may actually get in the way of one’s promotion.For those who have been laid off because of the financial crisis and are searching for jobs, pimples can actually create negative impressions on interviews. No matter how good heart ed and objective the interviewer is, it would be impossible for him not to notice your pimples. Now we all know how important first impression is on job interviews.Causes of Adult AcneMedical science offers different causes of pimples, such as the development of cells and oil in the pores of the skin, genes and the presence of acne bacteria, the propionibacterium. Darker skins are also more prone to acne because of their skin structure. However, despite what doctors know about adult acne, they still cannot pinpoint the exact cause of the acne. This is the reason why despite the many medications for acne, the acne remains to be one of the most common skin diseases today, affecting 85% of the population. This is also the reason why adult acne cases continue to increase over the years.Generally though, we all know that adult acne vary on each person. Depending on the individual, the acne may appear due to irritation, hormones and other factors. Women usually have acne when their androgen level increases. Women who are also sensitive to cosmetics may suddenly find themselves having adult acne. In men, wearing helmets and baseball caps may also cause zits.Eating and sleeping habits may also cause acne. There are individuals who are sensitive to certain foods, especially greasy ones, and may then develop zits because of their eating habits. Stress is also another factor that can cause acne.However, the moment later age acquired acne develops it is very difficult to control and treat. Even if one knows the cause of the adult acne and avoids it, the condition is chronic and will almost certainly come back. Nevertheless, no matter what the cause, it is important to understand that there are ways to cure adult pimples and zits permanently.

Cure Adult Acne The Fast And Easy Way

Many adults make the mistake of trying to cure their acne using methods which are otherwise applicable to teenagers only. This is a mistake which should ideally be avoided at all costs. Accordingly, in this article we enlist some initiatives which can be taken easily to cure adult acne.Apply Topical Creams Meant For Adults ONLYOne of the first steps required to be taken to cure adult acne is to apply topical creams which are meant specifically for adults in the first place. A major reason for which a lot of adults do not see the kind of results which they seek is because they apply creams not meant for their skin. Remember that young teenagers and adults in their 30s and beyond have very different skin textures; the supple factor is very different too. Accordingly, the creams which are applied have to be different too.Correctly Identify Adult Acne In Women And Cure AccordinglyAdult acne in women has certain causes which need to be dealt with accordingly. For instance, ingestion of birth control pills has often been seen as a trigger of acne among adult women. Likewise, hormonal imbalances, irregular periods, and sudden stressors have all been seen as major causes of acne among adult women.These causes need to be identified accurately, for the acne to be cured in turn. As an instance, if a particular brand of birth control pills have been noted as the trigger for an acne outburst, perhaps that brand will have to be changed for an alternative one, or the ingestion of birth control pills will have to be foregone altogether in favor of other contraceptive measures.Work Conditions That Trigger AcneAmong adults, work conditions often trigger acne; conditions which youngsters, especially teenagers are not exposed to. A classic instance would be adults working in factories who are invariably exposed to dust and other particulate matter which then sticks to their skin and eventually leads to acne. This is clearly not a cause for acne among children or young teenagers.The correct way to cure adult acne in such a scenario would be to keep the skin clean and dry at all times so that dust or other particulate matter cannot accumulate in the first place. Beyond that, if the job itself can be changed to one where there is no such hazardous exposure of the skin to extraneous elements, it would be highly beneficial, which of course is not always very easy to do.ConclusionIn conclusion, the approach to cure adult acne is very different to that of children and young teenagers. Therefore, every initiative must be taken to make sure that when it comes to adult acne, the treatment mechanisms adopted are suitable for individuals of that age bracket.